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In-Home Personal Care for Seniors

Support your loved one’s independence with OPAAT, Connecticut’s leading provider of in-home personal care for seniors, including help with everyday tasks, medication reminders, nutrition support, companionship, and more.


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What is In-Home Personal Care for Seniors,
and How Does it Support Healthy Aging?

According to a 2021 AARP survey, almost 80% of seniors would prefer to age at home. Unfortunately, illness and disability often make it difficult for seniors to manage everyday tasks on their own. This situation creates risks for seniors and puts additional strain on family caregivers, who may struggle with worry and fatigue while trying to meet their loved one’s needs.

Caring for an elderly relative is rewarding, but it can also be stressful and tiring. Family members often struggle to balance their lives with the needs of their loved one, which can create feelings of anxiety, frustration, and burnout.

OPAAT’s services alleviate these challenges by providing non-medical in-home personal care for seniors and disabled individuals: Our compassionate, attentive team of caregivers can assist with many areas of daily living, such as shopping, meal preparation, and personal hygiene, allowing your loved one to age safely and comfortably in their place of residence.

In-home personal care services for seniors enable seniors to stay active, engaged, and connected with their community by preventing premature institutionalization and by increasing access to nutrition, recreation, and social opportunities. Aging in place has been shown to reduce cognitive decline and lower the risk of depression, injury, and mobility loss. For seniors who are already in long-term care, such as a retirement residence or assisted living facility, OPAAT’s personal care services can greatly increase well-being by providing companionship and health and mobility support.

What are the Benefits of In-Home Personal Care for Seniors?

⇒ Greater autonomy and flexibility.

Choosing personal care services means you can customize your loved one’s care to reflect their unique needs and preferences. Your family member will be able to select their own meals and mealtimes, visit others freely, and live life on their terms while still receiving comprehensive care.

⇒ Respite for caregivers.

Personal care services greatly reduce the risk of caregiver burnout by taking over many daily living tasks and by giving caregivers peace of mind. In-home care makes it possible for family caregivers to take breaks when needed and spend more quality time with their loved ones.

⇒ Affordability.

Aging at home is almost always more cost-effective than moving to a long-term care facility. This increased affordability gives seniors better control over their finances, allowing them to plan for other retirement and medical expenses – or to invest in hobbies, vacations, and other things they enjoy.

What’s Included in Our Services?

As a provider of non-medical in-home personal care for seniors, OPAAT offers a broad range of services designed to facilitate independent living. Our personal care assistants (PCAs) can help your loved one dress, bathe, walk, eat, use the washroom, and get to medical appointments, along with providing companionship and improving access to recreational opportunities. They will also help your loved one keep his or her residence clean and tidy and prepare meals.

At OPAAT, we pride ourselves on maintaining the highest possible standards for in-home care. When you work with us, you and your loved one will enjoy all of the following advantages:

⇒ Affordable cost

Our fees vary depending on the level of care. We are committed to providing affordable care for all families. Live-in rates are normally half the cost of 24-hour care. For details on rates, please send email to: [email protected] or call, 860-506-6122.

⇒ Experienced Personal Care Assistance (PCA)

Our PCAs are highly trained and have extensive experience caring for elderly and disabled individuals. Our team meets and exceeds the training required to provide home care in Connecticut, ensuring they’re fully prepared to assist with tasks of daily living.

⇒ Compassionate & Attentive Care

Providing warmth and companionship and helping seniors live with dignity are integral to our values. We will make every effort to get to know your loved one and their story so that we can connect them with the right caregiver to meet their needs. To that end, we employ a diverse team of caregivers from a wide variety of backgrounds.

⇒ Trustworthy Staff

At OPAAT, all of our caregivers are bonded and insured. They must also undergo thorough background checks and drug tests. When you work with us, you can rest assured that you’re receiving care from someone you can trust.

⇒ Peace of Mind

 When you choose in-home personal care from OPAAT, you’ll have complete peace of mind knowing your loved one is receiving the best possible care, even when you’re busy or away. Not only is this ideal for your family member, but it will also give you the time you need to relax and rejuvenate.

What our Clients Say

We had a wonderful experience with Mike and his team finding the right person to provide support for my parents. One Patient at a Time listened to our needs, spent time getting to know us and found the perfect fit! The personal care assistant has been kind, attentive and compassionate in providing care and companionship. Getting support sooner than later has made a huge difference for my parents as well as providing some peace of mind and relief for my sister and I knowing someone is checking in on them when we can’t. I highly recommend One Patient at a Time.


OPAAT is a local agency that is passionate about caring for seniors. I appreciate that they take the time to learn about their clients and match the caregiver to their needs. Great agency that is flexible and especially easy to work with. I recommend them to a family in need.


Learn More About OPAAT’s In-Home Personal Care Services for Seniors

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Frequently Asked Questions

⇒ What Is the Difference Between Home Health and Home Care?

The difference between home health and home care is that home health involves skilled nursing and therapy services, while standard home care provides non-medical services such as companionship, housekeeping, errands, light activities, meal preparation and personal care assistance such as assistance with ADLs. Only home health care providers, not personal care assistants, are qualified to provide medical services.

⇒ Are your caregivers insured?

Yes, all our caregivers are insured and bonded.

⇒ Do your caregivers speak English?

Yes, we have a diverse team of caregivers from various cultural backgrounds. They all speak, understand English and communicate well.