Personalized Home Assistance and In Home Care in Connecticut

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Personalized Home Assistance and In Home Care in Connecticut

Live independently in the comfort of your home. OPAAT home assistance means reduced stress, added safety, and a higher quality of living for seniors while providing peace of mind for families.

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Elevating In Home Care in Connecticut

One Patient at a Time (OPAAT) prides itself in elevating the standard of in-home care in Connecticut by putting the needs of our clients first and providing care that caters to their unique needs.

Our clients require in-home care for several reasons, including the natural decline of old age, health care challenges or an unfortunate accident. We can provide you with both 24-hour live-in-home care or hourly care, making our services easy and flexible for you to get the in-home assistance you need.

At OPAAT we make it easy for you to find the right home assistant by thoroughly screening our in-home assistants and ensuring they will be the perfect fit for you or your loved one usings our proven and reliable process.

Supporting Aging Adults in All Walks of Life

Aging adults may need in-home care and support for a variety of reasons. One Patient at a Time (OPAAT} takes pride in providing outstanding services and in home assistance to seniors who are:

⇒ Recovering from an Injury, Surgery, or Accident

Reduce the chance of re-injury and speed up your road to healing by getting the help you need with tasks of daily living and mobility.

⇒ Experiencing Ongoing Health Concerns

We seek to improve quality of life for seniors who are undergoing routine medical procedures and treatments and those with complex medical conditions.

⇒ Living with a Physical or Mental Disability

OPAAT’s compassionate caregivers ensure that your aging loved ones feel secure, confident, and comfortable in their homes while aging in place.

Committed to Transforming Connecticut In-Home Assistance

OPAAT is an industry leader in providing world class in-home care services in Connecticut. We can offer our clients and their families excellent care by providing:

⇒ The Ability to Remain in Your Home for as Long as Possible

OPAAT’s live-in home care services appeal to many seniors and their families because it allows aging adults the opportunity to stay in their homes with autonomy and dignity during their golden years and tends to be a much more affordable option compared to assisted living or nursing homes.

⇒ Flexibility Designed Around You and Your Lifestyle

OPAAT’s live-in home care assistance can be long or short term and is completely customizable to suit your specific needs. We will work with you and your family to come up with a plan of care that fits your budget, lifestyle, and preferences.

⇒ Extra Help and Support When Needed

In-Home Care allows you to get extra help and support when needed. In home assistance includes personal care, homemaking, medication management and much more. Our goal is to ensure that our clients receive the support they need to maintain their independence and quality of life.

⇒ Certified In Home Aides

All our aides are highly trained, certified, and reliable with extensive experience providing home care to individuals across Connecticut. Let us do the heavy lifting for you and make life easy by managing screening, insurance, taxes and workers compensation.

What our Clients Say

We had a wonderful experience with Mike and his team finding the right person to provide support for my parents. One Patient at a Time listened to our needs, spent time getting to know us and found the perfect fit! The personal care assistant has been kind, attentive and compassionate in providing care and companionship. Getting support sooner than later has made a huge difference for my parents as well as providing some peace of mind and relief for my sister and I knowing someone is checking in on them when we can’t. I highly recommend One Patient at a Time.


OPAAT is a local agency that is passionate about caring for seniors. I appreciate that they take the time to learn about their clients and match the caregiver to their needs. Great agency that is flexible and especially easy to work with. I recommend them to a family in need.


Learn More About OPAAT’s In-Home Personal Care Services for Seniors

Do you think home care services might be right for someone in your family? Contact OPAAT today for a free, no-obligation consultation and we’ll answer any questions you may have and help you select a care plan for your loved one.

Frequently Asked Questions

⇒ What is the difference between Live in Care and 24 Hour Care?

Live in Care:
There is a common misconception that live-in caregivers are on duty 24-hours a day, however this is not true. Live in care is when a caregiver remains in the home during their designated shift and the caregiver is provided with their own area for sleeping as well as a bed. Live in caregivers are designated an 8-hour sleep break each day and are entitled to a 4-hour break during the day. They are allowed to leave the home during this time if they choose.

24-hour care:
24-hour care is when there are two aides in the home within a 24 hour period but they split the shift doing 12 hours each. During this 12-hour shift, there are no rest periods for the caregiver so there is always someone available and ready to handle any situation that may arise at any given time. Any rest or breaks are provided at the discretion of the person being cared for or their family and may change daily.

⇒ Are your caregivers insured?

Yes, all our caregivers are insured and bonded.

⇒ Do your caregivers speak English?

Yes, we have a diverse team of caregivers from various cultural backgrounds. They all speak, understand English and communicate well.